Entry into the cannabis industry began with one medical marijuana dispensary.
Efficiency and profitability enabled the company to achieve early success, leading to additional dispensary locations. With proven methods alongside strategic demographic studies, the company soon discovered their niche market. As the company grew, it realized the importance of quality products to distinguish from competitors. Private label branding could not offer the same results of in- house cultivation, and still relied on 3rd party vendor supply. Opportunity arose in Nevada in 2014 as INR invested in a 52,000 square foot grow facility.

Production has since evolved to 20+ strains of marijuana and numerous THC infused edible products including cookies, gummies, crisps and caramels. Retail products from this facility supply company affiliated dispensaries in Nevada, as well as numerous wholesale accounts.

California’s recreational cannabis market started in 2018, offering significant opportunity for the retail segment. INR realized the importance of this prospect and created an operating division of retail distribution, that has secured controlling interest of numerous dispensaries perfectly situated to expeditiously scale expansion plans in this explosive industry.

Core Principals


  • Mike Garcia

    2010 – Current President / CEO

    • Operational Review of all Dispensaries and Cultivations
    • Creation of strategy, analysis and operational steps necessary to Dispensaries and Cultivations;
    • Creation and analysis of Financial Projections;
    • Analysis of potential debt and equity opportunities
    • Sales and payroll budgeting for all Dispensaries and Cultivations
    • Create, design and prepare all store sales and merchandise incentive Responsible for the merchandise selection and operation of 24 Dispensaries and 2 Cultivations in California and Las Vegas area.
    • Identify potential sites for new store locations; complete all activities related to store opening including: floor plans, merchandise assortment, construction, etc. 
  • Patrick Williams / VP

    One of the early founders of the company, Patrick has been fundamental in obtaining cannabis licenses. From a very humble beginning (just one dispensary in 2010), he steered the company to grow to 24 retail locations and an additional 65 licenses for future expansion. Patrick is our Oracle when it comes to license procurement. It’s not always about the cost (when applying for licenses). Business relations and political contacts play a major role in license acquisitions. Although Patrick has stepped aside to spend more time with his family, he is still very active in the civic space, and will continue to procure legal requirements for every location. Note: stepping aside does not mean taking off work. Patrick still puts in 30-40 hrs / week versus 60 hrs as he did in the past.

  • Robert Nash / General Manager

    Robert comes from a background of CBD. He owned and operated (and sold) a very successful company before coming on board when INR was formed in 2010. He recognized the erratic pace of CBD popularity more than 10+ years ago and planned the exit. Looking back, it was a smart move, as the CBD space is extremely crowded now. Not anyone can take 20-50 million and start a successful cannabis cultivation business, which most don’t realize that it is a very difficult process to master. Robert also brought forth scientific knowledge to help our lab techs continuously develop more intelligent and powerful strains.

  • Michael Benton / Grow Facility Operations

    Mike manages the facility in Las Vegas. He has been with us since opening the facility 6+ years ago. He manages 98 staff across two shifts. He monitors productivity and even took part in the invention and development of our custom dry rooms which significantly speed up dry time and harvest production. Mike has a long background of business ownership and managing several aspects simultaneously.

  • Joseph Lavego / Key Coordinator

    Joe is our guy that everybody knows. He has been in Las Vegas almost his entire life. Joe’s role in key contacts has been a major boost for our wholesale division. His experience and business contacts range from casinos, bars, night clubs, adult entertainment, and of course dispensaries. He is the reason our product is in dozens of locations throughout Las Vegas. Joe helps manage direct client relations and promotions. While this may seem like a monumental job description, well, it is. And that is why he has 4 assistants helping manage the retail relations.