A market with explosive growth

There are 30 states where marijuana has been legalized. Based on growth in 2016, the legal marijuana market is now forecast to reach $22.8 billion in 2020. e State of Legal Marijuana Markets Report estimates that this market will expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31%. is makes the legal marijuana industry one of the fastest growing sectors in the U.S. economy.


Medical Sales
Adult Use Sales

States where recreational
marijuana is legal

Marijuana is legal recreationally

State Legal
Age (yrs)
Medical Recreational Date
Alaska 21 Legal Feb 24, 2015
California 21 Legal Jan 1, 2018
Colorado 21 Legal Nov 6, 2012
Illiniois 21 Legal Jan 1, 2020
Maine 21 Legal Nov, 2016
Massachusetts 21 Legal Jul, 2018
Michigan 21 Legal Dec, 2018
Nevada 21 Legal Jul 1, 2017
Oregon 21 Legal Jan 1, 2015
Vermont 21 Legal Jan 11, 2018
Washington 21 Legal Jan 1, 2012
Washington D.C. 21 Legal Nov, 2014

Why California

  • 1Massive market: no single operator can shock the market
    • a) 25% of the U.S. legal sales market
  • 2Extremely fragmented: average players are very small with much higher cost structures
    • a) 2,900 growers with average canopy of 15k sq. ft.
  • 3The black market is surrendering share, exacerbated by COVID-19
  • 4Increasing regulatory burden is adding pressure to sub-scale operators
    • a) 85% of licensed canopy is provisional, at real risk with CEQA licensing requirements
    • b) METRC implementation adding burdens for smaller operators requirements
  • 5California: it’s the long-term home of cannabis cultivation in America, perhaps the world
The result: the largest cannabis market in the world

California Cannabis Market

By 2022, cannabis market in California is projected to jump to $7.7 BILLION
– boosted signicantly by California’s recreational cannabis market that opened for business in 2018.

The California cannabis industry’s total economic impact could be nearly $15 BILLION in the next four years.
Sales from recreational use are projected to account for over half of total Concentrate sales in California and continue to increase in
proportion to overall category sales. Medical cannabis sales are expected to decline down to $600 million as people migrate toward
the recreational market to avoid medical cannabis ID fees.

Limited license markets vs. California

The Typical Limited License Market

  • 10-20 market players
  • All participants are well financed and share similar cost structures

The Myth: Oversupply is unlikely but in the event of oversupply, participants will implicitly or explicitly agree to keep prices artificially elevated for the greater collective good

The Reality: The supply-side consists of several operators with nearly identical cost structures


  • ~2,900 growers with an average canopy size of
    15k sq. ft. (1/8th the canopy of WeedGenics)

The Myth: Oversupply is more likely given the low barriers to entry

The Reality: The vast majority of the supply-side is sub-scale with inefficient cost structures

WeedGenics flower: An exceptional value

THC Potency: the single most important determining factor in consumer purchase decisions

What sets us apart?

We are a private company with a track record of consistently increasing our profitability margin year over year. Our cultivation facilities produce consistent positive cash flow regardless of key indexes / market activity. We keep our spending as low as possible while ensuring quality and consistency of our product.

We are experienced cannabis growers. With systematic laboratory level processes in place, our Las Vegas facility @ 52,000 sq. ft. consistently generates an annual revenue in the tens of millions. We have proven methods that will continue throughout the expansion of our new 150,000 sq. ft. facility, increasing revenue exponentially. With exceptionally high profit margins, the company can focus its efforts on expediting the expansion objective, while further developing the potency and quality of our strains to meet the increasing complexity of consumer demands.

Industry Highlights:

  • U.S.A. largest cannabis market worldwide
  • Rapidly evolving industry
  • California #1 market in U.S.A.

Industry Highlights:

  • Focus on niche market audience / Less competition
  • Strong financial performance / High profit margins
  • Manufacturing to distribution / Control supply chain

Consistent Expansion

Leadership Team

Unparalleled Quality