The California Value Chain

1) Cultivation


~950 operators
16m sq. ft. canopy


~1200 operators
17m sq. ft. canopy


~500 operators
4m sq. ft. canopy

2) Processing and Manufacturing

950 licensed operators making:

  • 214 Flower brands
  • 145 Vape brands
  • 142 Concentrate brands
  • 39 Gummy brands
  • 32 Beverage brands
  • 30 Chocolate brands

3) Distribution

Sales, Distribution and Collection

  • 5+ independent distributors
  • Many brands doing

4) Retail


Licensed retail dispensaries


Licensed non-storefront dispensaries

Farm to Table Economics

Contract Manufacturing “high turning” products to ensure efficiency and profitability.

From Greenhouse

15-20k LBS
Flower Annually

To Manufacturing

  • Sellable Flower
  • Preroll Flower
  • Fresh Frozen

Onto Shelves

  • Packaged Flower
  • Individual & Packaged
  • Live Resin Vapes
    Live Resin Concentrates


revenue capacity (a)

a) Estimated annual production capacity upon completion of current expansion

10-15k LBS
Trim Annually

  • Dry Concentrate
  • Distillate
  • Vape Carts
  • Edibles


revenue capacity (b)

b) Represents a potential revenue figure based on current market prices and full realization of sale potential at these market prices.
These estimates do not constitute financial guidance.


  • 52,000 sq. ft. cultivation campus in Las Vegas NV.
  • Currently undergoing massive expansion, with 150,000 sq. ft. cultivation / production facility in Adelato CA (to be completed by Q1 2022.
  • Proven product leadership
  • Expansion will place us in top brand(s) category in California
  • 25,000-35,000+ pounds annually starting in Q3 2022


  • Current facility in Las Vegas NV.
  • California facility 2-3X volume.
  • Proven product leadership
  • Concentrates, beverages, oils, topicals, edibles, chocolates, mints, sublinguals, candies, etc.


  • 150,000 sq. ft. facility in Adelanto CA
  • Proximity to 400+ Dispensaries
  • In-house quality control, compliance and ordering platform


Controlled Brand Placement